How to Determine Roof Storm Damage

storm damage repair

In the Northern Virginia area, wind and hail are very prominent during the winter months. Due to the ever-changing weather, the storms that come through our area have the potential to wear down the durability of your roof more quickly. To avoid future problems from arising, contact Adelphia Exteriors as your go-to storm damage specialists.

At Adelphia Exteriors, our services include comprehensive roof storm damage repairs, window installations, siding replacements and more. We only use high-quality materials because we are determined to providing you with reliable customer service at an affordable price. Below are a few signs that your roof may need repairs or a replacement:

Fallen Debris

A good starting place for checking for damages is on the ground. Fallen branches, broken shingles, or pieces from your chimney are a sure sign that your roof may be damaged. Fallen trees may need to be removed professionally so that the safety of your property is guaranteed.

Leaks Or Water Damage In Your Attic

If you are trying to determine whether you have storm damage, inspect your attic for leaks. Water stains that appear on the ceiling or walls are some of the common indicators of storm damage. Water can easily enter through any small space and may create black mold if not addressed immediately.

Examine Your Gutters And Downspouts 

Assessing the condition of your gutters and downspouts can also help you determine the condition of your roof. Gutters, exhaust pipes, and valleys meet the walls of the roof and may become dented or crushed as a result of a rough storm. Denting also affects the moisture within the home, so it is important that you have it inspected and replaced.


Adelphia Exteriors: Expert Storm Damage Repairmen In Northern Virginia

While many homeowners are tempted to repair their home themselves in order to save money, it may raise the potential for risks. Trust Adelphia Exteriors to keep your family and home safe throughout your entire storm damage repair process. As we offer proficient storm damage repairs, roof replacements, residential painting and more in the Northern Virginia area, you can rely on us to ensure your home exterior is stable and remains in great condition. Contact our storm damage repair team at (703) 880-8648 today to see how we can assist you!