Five Tips For Assessing Roof Storm Damage

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In 2018, the National Centers for Environmental Information reported that the U.S. spent over $1 billion on damages due to inclement weather and climate, and often times, these damages are property-related. If a storm has recently hit your home, you need to visually inspect the interior and exterior parts of your home for any damage. It’s important to look for signs of damage so that you can immediately contact a professional roofing company, like Adelphia Exteriors.

At Adelphia Exteriors, we provide professional residential roofing services in Northern Virginia. We will further assess any damage to your roof and suggest the best course of action. Whether your home needs a roof replacement, roofing installation, roofing maintenance, a tear off, or a roof repair, you can trust Adelphia Exteriors to get the job done right. Our staff uses the finest tools and materials, providing you with the highest level of service at a price you can afford. Below, we list a few ways to access the damage to your roof:

1. Start By Inspecting The Ground

A good place to start looking for signs of roof damage would be the ground. Begin by taking note of any fallen branches, pieces of broken shingles, metal pieces from your roof chimney, or hail.

2. Check For Leaks and Signs Of Water

Storms are one of the most common causes of roofing leaks. Water can enter your home from various angles, so be vigilant before a minor leak spreads. You can also check for water damage and leaks by going into your attic with a flashlight. You should look for any holes, water stains, or discoloration on your ceiling, walls, and flooring. Also, you should inspect your walls for any cracking or peeling paint, as this may be a sign of water damage. If you notice any black mold inside your attic, call Adelphia Exteriors immediately.

3. Inspect Your Gutters and Downspouts

During a storm, hail, heavy rain, and strong winds will gradually chip away granules from your shingles. These will run down into your gutters, be sure to check your gutters for them. Having missing shingle granules will further expose your roof to the elements, which can cause leaks inside your home.

4. Unusually High Energy Bills

If you notice your energy bill is higher than normal, this may be a sign of damage to your roof. Roofing damage such as punctures or missing shingles can cause high energy bills due to air escaping. 

5. Dents On Your Metal Roof Venting Systems

If you have metal roofing, look for any dents, crushed, or bent vents. If your venting systems get damaged, it won’t be able to work effectively to keep your home moisture-free. Mark these damaged vents so you can have them replaced immediately.

Why You Should Call A Professional

While many homeowners are tempted to go the do-it-yourself route to save money, this puts you at risk for accidents. It is very easy for you to fall off your roof without the right kind of training. It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with missing shingles, leaks, or damaged gutters. Safety is of the utmost importance. A functional and beautiful roof can only be achieved with the help of a trusted and experienced company, like Adelphia Exteriors.

Adelphia Exteriors: Professional Storm Damage Roof Replacement in Northern VA

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