Signs Your Gutters Are Leaking

Gutter Installation

If your gutters aren’t functioning as they should be, rainwater can slowly damage the house itself. Water that lands at the base of your house may even cause interior flooding or foundation damage. At Adelphia Exteriors, we provide a variety of services, including residential gutter installation services, roof replacement, siding and trim replacement, and storm damage repairs, to protect your home from the elements. Our technicians are able to work fast with precision from years of training and experience.

Here are a few reasons why your gutters may be leaking:


If there are any large gaps present in your gutters, replace them immediately. Any gaps may cause water to spill onto your home or its foundation, causing an array of damage.

Cracks or Fractures

Visible cracks in your gutters can cause water to leak out onto your house or fascia. Also, make sure to check for any small cracks because these will eventually turn into large fractures, creating even greater problems for your entire drainage system in the future.

Standing Water

If you notice any standing water, that means there is a blockage in the gutter or downspout. If you can’t find a blockage in either one of these fixtures, you need to install a new gutter.


Due to excessive rainfall, your gutters may succumb to rust over time, it’s best to install new sections before the rusted metal shatters and breaks.

Visible Water Damage

Slight discolorations on the exteriors of your home, fascia, or downspouts can indicate moisture damage. If there is any discoloration, get your gutters inspected or replaced before your exteriors get damaged any further.


Is mold present in your basement or around your home exterior? If your gutter system is working improperly, it may be carrying more moisture to the moldy areas and encouraging the production of more allergens in your home.

Foundation Issues

If you have a faulty gutter, it can cause your foundation to shift or crack. This is because moisture seeps into the soil underneath the home and eventually gets absorbed into the foundation.

Overflowing Water

If your downspout is releasing water, but your gutters are still overflowing, you may need a replacement. Overflowing could be a sign of improperly installed, improperly sloped, or poorly designed gutters that are far too narrow for your home.

Professional Gutter Installation Services in Northern Virginia

If your gutters are leaking or you are experiencing any of the signs above, consider hiring the experts at Adelphia Exteriors to determine which services you will benefit from most. We provide quality gutter installation services. Receive a new set of gutters that are properly installed and won’t leak while providing efficient drainage from runoff water on your roof. At Adelphia Exteriors, we provide services for both commercial businesses and residents of Northern Virginia. Our expert craftsmen install and replace roofing, siding, windows, and gutters, as well as painting the exterior of your home or workplace.


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