Signs You Need to Replace Your Garage

A garage door serves multiple purposes. It enhances your curb appeal as well as provides utility and value to your home. Being that it is one of the first features that guests see when arriving at your home, upkeeping and maintaining the functionality and appearance of your garage door may provide its advantages. At Adelphia Exteriors, our team prides ourselves on providing superior craftsmanship to all of our clients. Our proficient garage door installation services equips your home with top quality doors and openers from the best manufacturers in the United States.

Here are a few signs that your garage door may need replacing: 

Unbearable Noise Level

Many people ignore certain noises in their houses, however they are not just inconveniences. A well-maintained garage door should make minimal noise and run smoothly. If you notice that your garage door is louder than normal, that may be a sure sign that it needs replacing.



Upgrading your garage door will allow for the value of your home to increase. Along with the value, installing an automatic opener will assist with the efficiency of your morning routine – getting you out of the door in a timely manner.



The safety of your garage door is also important due to the fact that it leads into the inner sanctuary of your home. If your garage door does not shut all of the way, it may leave your home exposed. Shutting unexpectedly is also a sign that your garage may need to be replaced for it may endanger your pets and loved ones. A partially open garage door will also allow drafts in the winter time, which may lower the temperature of your garage.



Breakdowns may be caused by wear and tear or the age of your garage door. Instead of constantly paying to have repairs, it would be beneficial to replace it in order to save you more money in the long run.


Quality Garage Door Installation Services in Northern Virginia

If you are experiencing any of the signs above or other problems, then you may need to consider replacing your garage door. The experts at Adelphia Exteriors provide exceptional garage door installation services and will be able to assist you in determining the next step. Contact us at (703) 659-0342 to prevent costly home damages and obtain a free estimate today!