The Importance of Cleaning Your Gutters this Spring

rain gutter

Gutters are significant in keeping your home protected from the elements, which is an important thing to remember during the spring. This season will likely bring numerous days of heavy rain and humid heat, which can lead to all kinds of damaging effects to your home. In order to save your home from these effects, make sure that your gutters are clean and in good condition.

At Adelphia Exteriors, we provide a variety of services that help protect the interior of your home from the outdoor elements, including residential gutter installation services, roof replacement, siding and trim replacement, as well as storm damage repairs. Our technicians are able to work fast and with precision from years of training and experience. Here are some reasons why cleaning your gutters is a necessity this spring:

Water Control & Protection

Your gutters’ main function is to act as a channel for rainwater and debris to flow off your roof and down to the ground around your home. However, that flow will be delayed or stopped completely if your gutters become too clogged. This will lead to water collecting inside the gutters, seeping into the cracks of the top and trimming around your roof, as well as spilling over the sides, onto your home’s perimeter, leading to interior water damage in your roof and foundation.

Prevent Roof and Foundation Damage

As previously mentioned, clogged gutters will lead to water collecting in your roof and around your home’s foundation. In both areas, water will begin to leak and form numerous cracks, allowing for more water to seep through. This will inevitably lead to water damage that may lead to fairly high repair costs, but can easily be avoided with a professional gutter cleaning.

Reduces Likelihood of Pests & Mold

A clogged gutter can cause potential infestations of mold and pests like mosquitoes, ants, termites, and rodents. Leaves, twigs, and other pieces of debris make for a perfect nest and will also trap in whatever moisture is produced after a rainstorm. The outdoor heat then creates humidity that will promote mold growth into the interior of your roof, and if left unaddressed, the rest of your home.

Get Professional Residential Gutter Installation Services in Northern VA

Cleaning your gutters takes a small amount of effort that will ensure your house is protected from extensive water damage. However, if your home’s gutters have become too damaged or outdated, consider hiring a professional to perform a quality residential gutter installation, so that you can receive a new set of gutters that will provide efficient drainage from runoff water on your roof. At Adelphia Exteriors, we provide services for both commercial businesses and residents of Northern Virginia. Our expert craftsmen install and replace roofing, siding, windows, and gutters, as well as painting the exterior of your home or workplace.


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