4 Types of Trim to Consider

Roof Installation in Ashburn, VA

The exterior of your home is very important to its overall appearance. It is the first thing that your guests or potential homebuyers see when they visit. At Adelphia Exteriors, our experts understand the value of properly maintaining a home’s exterior, as we offer dependable services to residential and commercial property owners. From quality trim installation, residential siding replacement, and much more, our mission is to provide reliable craftsmanship to all of our clients throughout the Northern Virginia area. The following below are the different types of siding for your home.


Composite Material

With composite trim material, you are able to get the aesthetic of natural wood without the maintenance. As a unity man-made and natural elements, composite does not rot, crack or split, but  similar to wood, it has the adhesiveness to be painted on. This durable material will maintain the appearance of your home for a significant amount of time. Below are the different types of composite trim that you may use to decorate the exterior of your home.

  • Fiber Cement 
  • Cellular PVC
  • Engineered Wood


For the outdoor aesthetic to your home, wood trim is the best choice. Unlike with composite, wood can be stained to match the interior flooring of your home for an impeccable match. You can also choose different types of trees, such as pine, cypress, and more.



Aluminum material is more textured and can come in a variety of colors. They also have a longer lifespan than the other options. This eco-friendly material adds a modern look to any home while also being recyclable.



Vinyl material can add a modern look to your home as well. Made from PVC, this clean and polished component is easy to install and very durable. As it’s mold and mildew resistant, it’s able to retain its color. This material can also add a unique touch to any home. However, its vinyl casings often look similar to each other and does not offer much customization. If you’re unsure which trim is best for you, get in touch with Adelphia Exteriors to help you determine what will benefit you more.


Dependable Trim Installation Services in Northern Virginia 

When you are looking to update your home, there are many different types of trim to consider and it may be a bit overwhelming. With Adelphia Exteriors, our highly skilled team will sit with you and help choose the trim installation service that is right for your home. Along with our other high-quality services, such as siding, painting, and insulation, we ensure that your home will be well taken care of. Contact us at (703) 880-8648 to request an estimate and start your home project today!